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LUNA Designs  rustic picture frames made from reclaimed timber

Luna designs handcrafts shabby chic picture and photo frames from reclaimed distressed timber.

We are careful to preserve the vintage patina of all the distressed wood that we acquire and the unique character of our rustic frames reflects this passion.

Whether from the deck of a ship, a vintage ceiling or and antique fence – each piece tells it’s own story.
The rustic wood collected for our shabby chic picture frames is carefully stored and processed on our farm to the North of Cape Town where the dry desert conditions ensure that our timber is well preserved and dry before being turned into beautiful distressed frames.

Each rustic plank is carefully selected and prepared before being made into stunning unique vintage looking frame. The frames are fumigated in a two-step process involving both heat and chemical treatment before returning to Cape Town to be cleaned and polished, after which they are ready to be packed for our customers around the world.